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JUN 2018

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90 Landscape Architect and Specifier News Results from the latest survey on playtime for elementary school children are in. Five hundred teachers from around the nation were surveyed, and about half of them stated that their students have an unstructured, outdoor recess that takes place on a playground. Second Annual Voice of Play Survey Data from the most recent survey by Wakefield Research, on behalf of the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association, reveals that 100% of the 500 U.S. elementary school teachers surveyed agree that recess is essential for young students' mental and physical development. The survey also found that 97% of elementary school teachers said that recess improves behavior in students who normally behave rudely during class. According to the survey, the average amount of time for recess across the country for elementary schools is 25 minutes and about 89% of schools supervise their students during this time. Tom Norquist, president of the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association, stated, "Play shouldn't be seen as extracurricular or a form of punishment, or even optional, but rather a right for every child. Play is essential to a child's development, so it's exciting to see teachers that are aligned with the National Institute for Play's scientific evidence of the developmental benefits of a playful recess." Recess isn't always for the student either because 64% of teachers agreed that recess was a beneficial time for them. It allowed them to take a break, collect their thoughts and recharge. Thirty-eight percent of them even stated they used recess time to plan the rest of the day, while 26% of teachers said they actually exercise and play during recess times as well. Bullying has always been an issue, and as it relates to recess, teachers agree that play time can help curb this problem. Sixty seven percent of teachers surveyed have observed bullying among their students, and 64% of them agree that recess reduces the severity of the issue. To learn more information about the survey, visit https:// . Green Wall Breathes Life into Corporate Lobby The living wall (LiveWall®) is 9' tall, 22' long and comprises 98 modular planters. The setup supports the plants as nature intended: roots growing down, stems and leaves growing up. Drip stake assemblies supply the irrigation. Applied Imaging has a new corporate headquarters on Glenwood Hills Parkway in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In keeping with the company's IT roots, the wall behind the reception desk was originally going to be a display of monitors, explained Jan Beerthuis, site superintendent for Rockford Construction of Grand Rapids, the construction and real estate development company that renovated the building. The company opted instead for a more inviting, 198-square-foot green wall installation by LiveWall®. "The green wall makes our lobby more welcoming and more interesting," observed office manager Laura Katsul. The living wall has 98 modular planters with inserts that hold the growing medium and a mix of 6 different tropical plants selected for their ability to thrive indoors. Drip stake assemblies supply irrigation to the plants. LEDs above the green wall provide the proper light spectrum for the indoor plants, while emitting white light like regular indoor lighting. Draceana warneckii 'Lemon Lime' Dracaena warneckii 'Green Stripe' Ficus elastica 'Burgundy' Ficus lyrata I n f o r m a t i o n R e q u e s t # 5 5 5

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